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Many paths lead to the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion!

Our region benefits from its location at the heart of Europe in many ways, but especially through its excellent transportation connections. Whether by roads, rails, or through the air, you can choose virtually any direction and soon find yourself in one of the continent's key urban centers. The region's outstanding infrastructure for local public transport, meanwhile, has garnered worldwide renown as the "Karlsruhe model". 

By plane...

The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion is extremely well positioned for international air transport thanks to four airports that are fast and easy to reach. Baden Airpark (FKB), for example, serves over a million passengers each year, making it the second-busiest airport in Baden-Württemberg. It is also located in the local district of Rastatt, which means it is easily reachable from anywhere in the region.


Larger airports in the wider vicinity include:


These airports are well-connected to our region through train services operated by Deutsche Bahn. The DB website offers a convenient means of arranging your schedule, reserving tickets, and buying them online. You can also purchase tickets directly at the station of your departure. 

By train...

Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden offer two large, centrally located train stations in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion that offer high-speed train service (including ICE and TGV trains). These stations provide excellent connections to the local public transportation networks, as well. You can put together your own personal travel route to the region at the Deutsche Bahn website before also purchasing tickets online or at a train station.

Upon arriving, you can comfortably reach your final destination using public transport or taxi services. If you'd like to continue your journey by S-Bahn, tram, or bus, it's a good idea to refer to the map of the Karlsruhe Transport Authority (KVV) network during your planning. This page in particular makes it easy to organize your trip in advance. You can use all of the public transport services operated by the KVV based on its standard rates.

By automobile

By car

You can take any of four autobahn highways to the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion: the A5, A8, A13, or A65. This puts the region at one of the most important east-west junctures in central Europe and one of the continent's key continuous north-south transportation axes. Here, the European routes E35 (Amsterdam – Rome) and E52 (Strasbourg –Salzburg) use the same roads as the autobahn network. The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion can be reached on a variety of federal and state highways, as well. The individual exits on these roads make it easy to travel to the smaller communities in the region.

By long distance bus

You can also make use of the region's roads without having to drive yourself. Long-distance buses and ridesharing are two means of doing so. In recent years, various providers have developed a dense network of bus routes in Germany. These services present an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to traveling by car or train. Large cities are particularly easy to reach by long-distance bus, and some providers can even take you to other countries.


Meanwhile, you may find the search engine offered by the Karlsruhe start-up BUSLINIENSUCHE helpful in planning your next bus journey. At, you can compare the services of all the long-distance bus companies in Germany free of charge. The site also includes links to download the company's corresponding smartphone app, which you can use to peruse all of the available connections and their prices, departure times, and nearby stops even when on the go.

Using ridesharing

Ridesharing refers to organized arrangements in which a private individual offers the space available in his or her vehicle to others traveling to the same destination. In return, those riding along help the driver pay for the necessary gas. You can find ridesharing opportunities at and similar websites.