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Graduate from Columbia

When I first arrived in the region, it was like – how do you say it here? – like “jumping into cold water”. In my home country of Colombia, many things are much different, of course. I’d never lived in Germany before; my husband is German, and I joined him here after we got married. Through him, I’ve already learned a bit about German culture, but living here is something else entirely.

For me, the city of Baden-Baden represents a new beginning – especially in terms of working. That’s why I’ve been doing a language course in occupational German for the past several months. Along with the language itself, I’ve learned plenty about professional life in Germany – about contracts, taxes, and all the other things you need to know. It’s been a big help!

Part of the course also involved a four-week internship that we had to arrange ourselves, which was a great exercise. The course is almost over, but now I know that I can make it. I feel like I’m ready to look for a job here.

We really want to stay in the region; we’ve settled down in Baden-Baden and like living here. The city has a very special atmosphere, and everything is so refined – even on the bus, I meet ladies who look like the Queen of England!