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Software Developer from India

For us, having our children grow up speaking three languages – German, English, and our native language, Marathi – was never even a question. This is possible thanks to the European School Karlsruhe, which is the reason why we moved to the city before our son's first day of school. It was very important to my husband and me because we don't know where his job will take us in the future. That's why I'm happy that our son can go to school here.

Now that his little sister is going to kindergarten at the ESK, I've found part-time employment again as a working mom in the IT industry. I've also entered a master's program that allows me to work parallel to my studies. Without reliable all-day childcare, none of this would even be conceivable. For that reason alone, I'd choose Karlsruhe again any day.

Its forest and castle gardens are two things I really love about the city. As a software developer, I also like its technological flair, of course – KIT, the ZKM, and the list goes on. We've also found the community really welcoming. One of my husband's colleagues helped us find our apartment in Waldstadt, for example; we couldn't have found a better place to live! At the same time, I have to say that we've also had less pleasant experiences in Germany. With landlords, for instance – in one of our apartments, we initially paid too much rent. Now we're members of a tenant association, which provides very helpful advice when you don't know much about the subject. I'd recommend taking advantage of such services to anyone who has just arrived in the country. It just makes daily life easier!