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Mechanical engineer from Cameroon

As a passionate mechanical engineer, I knew I wanted to go and live in Germany one day even back in my grammar school days in Cameroon. For us Cameroonians, Germany is the world champion when it comes to mechanical engineering. So I chose January of all months to move from sunny Africa to icy Germany to take a language course first. That was an important step for my future career. After six months I started a pre-study internship. 

In the meantime I had received offers of places at several universities. Accommodation was easy to find in Karlsruhe, so I decided to come here - and it was definitely the right decision. The help I received from my many new friends and their families was soon to be surpassed, both inside and outside the lecture theatres of the University of Karlsruhe (today: KIT). 

I also met my wife at university. After I graduated we decided to stay in Karlsruhe. The career opportunities, the diversity of the population, the wonderful geographic location with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures and its proximity to France were irresistible for us. Our daughter also seems to be very happy with our choice! 

I work as a mechanical engineer in the engineering department at Mann + Hummel GmbH and have been living in the region for more than 20 years. I very much appreciate how welcoming the people here are. Of course, I haven't only had positive experiences and encounters. It would be unfair towards my many German and foreign friends to only concentrate on that. But when I look back on everything I have experienced and achieved, for the most part it has all been extremely positive.