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Now that you and your family have arrived in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, are you looking to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities our region offers in terms of recreation? In this section, we'll show you some of the ways you and your loved ones can have fun together in your free time.

Germany is a country full of playgrounds! Virtually every residential area has one, with the local municipality handling the necessary upkeep in most cases. Playgrounds are a great way to have fun and get some exercise, so don't be shy to get out there with your young ones and their buckets and shovels. They can then use the sandboxes, climbing frames, slides, seesaws, and swings to let off some steam. Meanwhile, Germany is also home to many amusement parks that are sure to get your kids excited. Along with the usual outdoor adventure parks, you can choose from a variety of nature parks, zoos (such as the one in Karlsruhe), and aquariums featuring every imaginable creature of the sea. In addition, numerous farm parks across the country can give your children a taste of living among cows, pigs, and fields of grain. But what if the weather looks set to ruin your outdoor plans? A trip to a museum can save the day, particularly with the movies and activities modern institutions now offer for kids.



If you're interested in meeting like-minded adults, parent cafes are an excellent way to do so. They are designed to serve as meeting places for parents and their families.

Parent cafes enable parents to:

  • Meet new people
  • Share information
  • Find answers to their questions
  • Enjoy a coffee
  • Find play mates for their children
  • Attend a STÄRKE course for parents
  • ...and much more.