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If you need in-patient treatment, you are entitled to be admitted to a suitable hospital, which is obligated to admit and treat you in accordance with its purpose and capabilities. Timely medical aid must be guaranteed. All hospital patients are entitled to the care they need based on the type and severity of their illness.

The hospital where you are to be treated is generally named by your physician on the hospital transfer documents. If you choose a different hospital to that in your physician's hospital transfer documents without a compelling reason, you could be billed for the resulting additional costs in full or in part.


Even if the hospital is full, it must temporarily admit patients who require immediate admission and care which cannot be guaranteed by another suitable hospital. If necessary, it will arrange to relocate patients.

In addition to general hospital services, hospitals can offer other treatments as elective services. They must not adversely affect the general hospital services. Admission and treatment of patients must not depend on whether they choose to avail of elective services.

As with all medical services covered by statutory health insurance, you have to pay a supplement for a hospital stay.


If you have private health insurance, these costs may be covered by a per diem sickness allowance.

While in hospital, you should also ensure that your rights as a patient are upheld. For example, it is particularly important that patients are fully informed before an operation. No operations may be carried out unless the patient is informed about the procedure and consents to it beforehand.


When you are admitted to hospital, you generally receive a printed list of everything you should bear in mind while in hospital. Many hospitals also publish these instructions on their own websites. Advice is also available from health insurance providers' websites.