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There are no compulsory vaccinations in Germany, but some vaccinations are recommended, and the costs for these vaccinations are covered by health insurance companies. To find out which vaccinations are covered, you can contact the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) or consult your physician. A vaccination certificate documents the illnesses you have been vaccinated against. In addition to this, there are many preventive check-ups, some of which are legally recommended. There are the U1-U9 check-ups for infants and children,  which help identify and treat developmental problems and illnesses as early as possible. There are also many preventive check-ups and early screening tests for adults, such as the skin cancer screening or dental check-ups.


Many health insurance companies offer bonuses if you undergo regular preventive check-ups.

More information

The BZgA website provides the most important information on vaccines for children and young people, including an overview table of when vaccinations against certain illnesses are recommended in