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Joining an association can be great, but like most things, it's not for everyone. Would you rather go on a nice weekend excursion? On your own or with your family? On foot or on your bike? The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion features a large number of bike trails and hiking paths that offer the perfect starting point for an extended outdoor adventure. 

The Rhine Cycle Route (available in English, French, German, and Dutch), for example, covers 1,230 kilometers and crosses four countries between the river's source in the Swiss Alps and its estuary in Rotterdam. In Baden-Württemberg, it runs from the shores of Lake Constance through the Upper Rhine Plain to the Electoral Palatinate capital of Mannheim. On its eastern side, the route is bordered by the Black Forest, the Kraichgau, and the Odenwald, and in the west by the Vosges and the hills of Rheinhessen. It offers ideal biking conditions – with even terrain and Mediterranean climes – and is also suitable for both family excursions (on partial sections) and longer, more demanding rides. Finally, the Rhine Cycle Route includes connections to numerous regional bike paths and corresponding opportunities to discover each area's hinterlands.


If you'd prefer heading into the mountains, the Black Forest is well-suited to a wide range of outdoors activities in both summer and winter. Those who enjoy hiking, for instance, should visit the website of the Wanderinstitut to learn more about the various trails in the region. 

The Palatinate's southern reaches also boast a large number of hiking paths



Watch a video about the Rhine Cycle Route.