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Volkshochschulen (VHS) are institutions that serve the public good by providing education services to young people and adults. They are an integral part of social life in Germany. Despite the name, however, Volkshochschulen are not institutions of higher learning, but rather part of the quaternary field of continuing education.

Volkshochschulen offer courses in a wide range of subjects that are open to all ages and population groups. As a result, they promote both individual personality development and social interaction in public life.

In addition, Volkshochschulen provide their services near residential areas and at affordable prices without any bias toward a particular ideology or political affiliation. VHS course programs cover the following areas: Politics – Society – Environment, Culture – Creativity, Health, Languages, Work – Careers, and Basic Education – Graduation Certificates. These areas are then aligned toward the interests of participants in terms of their orientation, education, and qualifications. Volkshochschulen thus seek to aid their students in reaching their individual potential, acquiring new vocational skills, augmenting their current qualifications, and becoming integrated members of society.  

Through courses in literacy, basic education, and obtaining graduation certificates, Volkshochschulen give educationally disadvantaged groups a second chance. Since the inception of Germany's related immigration law, they have also worked to provide comprehensive for integration courses. Certification, meanwhile, plays a prominent role in learning foreign languages (telc certificates, for example) and acquiring vocational skills (such as with Xpert certificates). This can be very helpful in receiving recognition for accomplishments in these areas. 

At a glance

The VHS program areas address topics concerning: 

  • Jobs and careers
  • Society, knowledge, and politics
  • Health
  • The environment
  • Culture and creativity
  • Basic education and graduation certificates
  • Languages and Integration
  • Job-related German language courses
  • VHS for specific groups

VHS Karlsruhe – a welcoming culture

Since 2011, VHS Karlsruhe has been carrying out various projects designed to get citizens from other countries excited about the history and culture of the city and Germany in general, as well as about taking part in German society. 

These cultural integration efforts have met with success thus far thanks to their focus on respect and appreciation.

In the process, participants are encouraged to contribute their particular strengths and skills. They engage in spirited intercultural discussions by relating their own past experiences to those of fellow citizens from Karlsruhe and the rest of the world. This has created a lively intercultural knowledge exchange among all participants.

Contact Volkshochschulen

vhs Bruchsal e.V.

Bürgerzentrum, Am Alten Schloß 2
76646 Bruchsal
Tel. +49 (0) 7251 79 302 until -306

vhs Ettlingen e.V.

Pforzheimer Straße 14a
76275 Ettlingen
Tel. +49 (0) 7243 101 483 and 484

vhs Waldbronn e.V.
(District of Karlsruhe)

Stuttgarter Straße 25a
76337 Waldbronn
Tel. +49 (0) 7243 69091

Université Populaire
PAMINA Volkshochschule

15, Rue de la Pépinière
F - 67160 Wissembourg
Tel. + 33 3 88 94 95 64
Fax + 33 3 88 94 95 70



Job-related German Language Courses at VHS

VHS Karlsruhe offers job-related German language courses for the care sector as well as for doctors. 

For more details, see the programme of the vhs Karlsruhe.