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Germany is considered one of the most peaceful countries in the world. This was the result of the international peace index in 2011. Germany's political and legal system is stable. The state protects society against crime, terrorism and other threats through a variety of institutions.
Germany and Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion have been largely unaffected by serious natural disasters.

In spite of this, there are unforeseen situations in life when you are either reliant on help, or must provide help yourself. For any case of emergency, you need to know the most important telephone numbers to get help. When calling emergency services, speak clearly so that the agent is able to hear and understand all important information.

  • Police: Emergency number 110
    When you dial 110, you will be connected with the nearest police station around the clock.
  • Fire department: Emergency number 112
  • Emergency services/ambulance: Emergency number 112
    When you dial 112, the emergency number valid throughout Europe, you will be connected with the fire department and emergency services command center, or an emergency response physician.
  • People with hearing or speech impairments can reach the responsible command centre at the emergency fax number 112, or contact the nearest police station directly at the emergency fax number 110.

Behavior in emergencies

In emergencies, it is important that you act quickly and rationally.

What do you need to bear in mind?

  • Try to remain calm.
  • If necessary, secure the scene of the accident.
  • Call for help.
  • Administer first aid without endangering yourself. Pay attention to your own safety.

To help you act appropriately in an emergency, keep in mind answering these five questions when calling emergency services:

  • Who is calling? - Say your name and give your telephone number in case the emergency services have further questions at a later point of time.
  • Where did it happen? - Please give the exact address (city/town, street, house number and floor level) of the accident scene. Give as much detail as possible (e.g. kilometer number and direction on highways, exact location in the building complex or special access ways).
  • What happened? - Please describe the situation as precisely as possible in simple words.
  • How many injured persons are there? - State the number of injured persons. If possible, provide details on how serious the injuries are.
  • Wait for questions! - Don't hang up until the agent has no further questions and ends the call.

What can you do until the emergency services arrive? Administer first aid. If possible, direct the emergency services to the scene from the street, e.g. if house numbers are not easily visible or the helpers need to be guided to an off-street building.