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Business Development Agencies in the TRK

Business development agencies are economic partners that work hand-in-hand with companies, investors, and related institutions to promote growth and innovation.  

The tasks of the business development agencies include helping start-ups deal with any issues that arise in administrative and approval processes, company developments, and their entrepreneurial plans in general. These agencies can support you in a variety of areas, from searching for a new business location or facilities at a business incubator to realizing your business idea and finding the right network partner. If you are interested in doing business in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, the experts at the region's business development agencies are the right people to contact. They can provide a wide range of important information, such as on property available for development, real estate prices, and rental/lease arrangements. Assistance in looking for space to expand, assessing markets, updating information in the local company database, and obtaining development analyses and statistics are also part of the range of services these agencies provide.

In addition, local business development agencies are the place to turn for any information on cooperations and contacts, clusters and other networks, technology transfer, rankings and regional comparisons, the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion as a business location, commercial real estate, company settlement or relocation in the area, starting a new business, or administrative procedures. 

At a glance

Services provided by the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion 's business development agencies:

  • Support in starting a business
  • Assistance in finding the right location 
  • Information on the commercial real estate market
  • Answers to questions concerning business and related public administration
  • Advice on issues pertaining to support funding and other financing
  • Advancement of knowledge and technology transfer
  • Support for companies in securing skilled personnel
  • Promotion of the regions location in new target markets
  • Assistance in accessing markets
  • Ensuring the supply of necessary goods/services to different city districts  
  • Local promotion and location marketing

The region's business development agencies also have an extensive history of personal collaboration with key decision-making entities in the region. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the association responsible for your location of interest. The staff there will be happy to provide corresponding answers.

List of Business Development Agencies in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion

Stadt Bretten

Frank Bohmüller
Untere Kirchgasse 9
75015 Bretten
Tel. 07252 921-230
Fax 07252 921-923
E-Mail: Frank Bohmülller
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Stadt Bruchsal

Stefan Huber
Amalienstraße 6
76646 Bruchsal
Tel. 07251 93256-10
Fax 07251 93256-29
E-Mail: Stefan Huber
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Stadt Bühl

Gerhard Hurle, Michaela Kaiser
Eisenbahnstraße 10
77815 Bühl
Tel. 07223 935-650/-667
Fax 07223 935-659
E-Mail: WiFö Bühl
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Stadt Ettlingen

Wolfgang Erhard, Sabine Speck
Ottostraße 5
76275 Ettlingen
Tel. 07243 101-212/220
Fax 07243 101-854
E-Mail: WiFö Ettlingen

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Stadt Karlsruhe

Michael Kaiser
Zähringerstraße 65 a
76124 Karlsruhe
Tel. 0721 1337300
Fax 0721 1337309
E-Mail: Michael Kaiser
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Stadt Rastatt

Franz Xaver Reil
Tel. 07222 972-1210
Fax 07222 972-1299
E-Mail: Franz Reil
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Stadt Stutensee

Andreas Eigenmann
Tel. 07244/969-110
Fax 07244/969-109
E-Mail: WiFö Stutensee

Stadt Waghäusel

Meik Wild
Tel. 07254/207-1213
Fax 07254/207-1232
E-Mail: Meik Wild
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Landkreis Karlsruhe

Angelo Castellano
Beiertheimer Allee 2
76137 Karlsruhe
Tel. 0721 936-6015
Fax 0721 936-5103
E-Mail: Angelo Castellano

Landkreis Rastatt

Claus Haberecht, Michael Weis
Am Schlossplatz 5
76437 Rastatt
Tel. 07222 381-3001 oder -3106
Fax 07222 381-3199
E-Mail: Claus Haberecht
E-Mail: Michael Weis
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Landkreis Südliche Weinstraße

Uwe König
An der Kreuzmühle
76829 Landau
Tel. 06341 940451
Fax 06341 940506
E-Mail: Uwe König

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