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TRK Skills Alliance

The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion is a growing region that is also expanding in terms of job creation. In many cases, however, these new positions can no longer be filled: The shortage of skilled personnel in numerous industries has become one of the region's most pressing challenges. This is why the Karlsruhe Technology Region Skills Alliance was founded on January 25, 2013. Its motto: "A Career Between High Tech and the Good Life". 

This organization aims to attract skilled workers to the region, support them in reaching their full potential, and encourage them to make the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion their long-term home. It follows an open, jointly supported, action-oriented process to connect regional stakeholders and bring regional initiatives together. The alliance also develops solution proposals and other measures based on the current needs and challenges of different industries. In doing so, it seeks to establish a framework in which the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion 's shortage of skilled employees can be addressed and mitigated in the future. 

Instead of competing with other regional initiatives, the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion Skills Alliance complements them and presents opportunities to make optimal use of corresponding synergies. 

Currently, around 100 representatives from the fields of politics and administration, small and midsize companies, major corporations, research and educational institutions, local chambers, the local employment agency, associations, guilds, unions, and other social organizations are actively involved in the alliance's five topic areas:

  • Regional Positioning 
  • International Skilled Personnel 
  • Qualification – Vocational Training and Advancement 
  • MINT – Getting More out of Our Potential in Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Science, and Technology 
  • Health, Providing Care, and Raising Children

Thematic Groups of the Skills Alliance

The thematic working groups have brought together more than 100 participants from various backgrounds, incl. politics and administration, both SMEs and large enterprises, educational and research institutions, the chambers of trade, industry and commerce, the local employment agency, associations, guilds, trade unions and social services.

Currently the alliance consists of five thematic work groups. The groups meet regularly to collect and bundle existing initiatives and develop potential solutions:

  • Regional Positioning
    This group aims to raise the profile of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, strengthening its competitive position on a national and international level. The goal is also to better communicate the manifold possibilities to skilled professionals along the lines of „High Tech meets the Good Life“. An applied welcoming culture shall firmly underpin the commitment of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion to the people.

  • International Professionals
    Against the backdrop of demographic change and the ageing of the workforce, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fill vacancies at all levels from apprentice to executive. This theme group therefore focuses on developing measures to attract, support and retain trainees, students, researchers, experts and executives in the region.

  • Qualification – Vocational Training and Professional Development
    The aim of this theme group is to develop measures that will address central challenges in professional training and development. Expanding and maintaining networks and, coupled with that, improving information and knowledge sharing between all stakeholders play a key role in this group.

  • MINT Professions (mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology) – Realizing the Potential
    The MINT professions (mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology) face increasing difficulties to secure qualified personnel, both with vocational and academic qualifications. Thus, this thematic group works on measures to more effectively exploit the existing potential in the region. The current focus lies on school girls and women returners.

  • Health, Care and Education
    It is particularly difficult to fill vacancies in the health, care and education sectors. Thus, this group aims to develop measures that enhance the attractiveness of these professions and to find new ways of attracting and retaining skilled labor.


The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion is always looking for new members.
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