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Tandem Program "Welcome Guides"

Would you like to have a Welcome Guide by your side?

You have recently moved to the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion and would like someone to help you arrive and settle in. For six months, we will connect you with a Welcome Guide who has lived in the region for some time and knows the area well.


What can a Welcome Guide do for you?

  • Give you ideas about where and how you can make new contacts.
  • Give ideas for suitable leisure activities for you and your family.
  • Give you ideas through personal exchange.
  • Be a contact person for your questions about settling in.
  • Give tips for learning German


Who could be your Welcome Guide?

  • A cosmopolitan citizen from the region who is committed to volunteering.
  • A person who has some common interests with you.
  • Someone who is individually selected for you.


What cannot a Welcome Guide do for you?

  • Accompanying you to the authorities.
  • Taking over tasks as a translator or interpreter.
  • Job coaching or similar.

Would you like to participate in our tandem program? Or do you have any further questions? Then please contact us at