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Hightech meets the Good Life

Located at the heart of Europe - one of Europe's leading business and innovation regions.

Welcome to the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion!

Nestling in an unique natural landscape between the Black Forest, the Rhine, the Palatinate and Alsace, it is the sunniest region in Germany and an ideal environment in which to live and work, with excellent traffic links, a good infrastructure and great shopping opportunities.

Business, world-class research and technology on the one hand, and culture and lifestyle on the other: it is this combination that truly sets the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion apart. World-famous companies are based here and benefit from the internationally important education and research landscape. In the competition between the major business locations in Germany, Europe and the USA, the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion consistently comes out among the front runners.


The international city of culture and spa town suprises with its diversity.   find out more


Bretten, the "Melanchthon City", is located in the western Kraichgau, northeast of Karlsruhe.   find out more


The city of Bruchsal is located in the "Tuscany of Germany", between the Rhine Plain and the Kraichgau.  find out more


The town of Bühl is located southwest of Baden-Baden, between the River Rhein and the Black Forest. find out more


Ettlingen borders the Swabian Jura mountains and the foothills of the nothern Black Forest. find out more


Embedded between Mahlberg and Merkur, northeast of Baden-Baden, lies Gaggenau. find out more


Karlsruhe is among Europe's elite when it Comes to Business, science, and Research. find out more


The baroque city combines modernity with Tradition and offers exceptional locational advantages.   find out more


Nestled within the natural landscape on the River Rhine, Rheinstetten is located in the "heart of Europe". find out more


The importance of the endearing city in the countryside as an prosperous economic location is growing.  find out more


Surrounded by forests in the Rhine Valley and ideally-situated between the cities Karlsruhe and Mannheim. find out more

District of Germersheim

Between the River Rhine and grapevines, this is the southeastern-most district in Rhineland-Palatinate. find out more

District of Karlsruhe

The district is one of the most dynamic and innovative Business Locations in Baden-Wuerttemberg. find out more

District of Rastatt

At the heart of europe, Rstatt can Claim to be one of the most beautiful districts in Germany.  find out more

District of Southern Wine Route

The Southern Wine Route is an area with a strong culinary and wine tradition. find out more


RVMO is in charge of planning and steering spatial development for more than one million People. find out more

Bild: Wissembourg

Département Bas-Rhin

Located as it is on France’s border with Germany, Northern Alsace is European through and through, surrounded by countryside that is steeped in tradition. find out more