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Situated in a gorgeous landscape at the edge of the Black Forest, Baden-Baden is not only Germany's best-known international spa and cultural center, it is also an innovative business location with a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

More than just a spa and cultural center

If you visit the international spa and cultural centre for the first time you will be amazed by the diversity of this town: from its internationally renowned cultural activities, to its location in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany, to its architecture, leisure facilities and its wide and attractive range of business sectors.

But they will be even more surprised by the young and innovative spirit which can be felt throughout the city, and which makes space for many innovative, entrepreneurial ideas. They will be surprised by the many companies in the media, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and service sectors. Many international manufacturers have their headquarters here, rounding off the impression of a lively and intact business location.

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Today, Baden-Baden is not only a popular city of culture and spa town, it is also an internationally recognized and renowned city of media, arts and festivals. Nowhere else does such a small city offer such a wide range of first-rate art and cultural highlights: from the festival hall's top-class cultural program, to horse races with substantial purses, the SWR New Pop Festival, right up to the world-famous art in the Frieder Burda Museum, the museum LA8, the theater and the State Gallery.


Baden-Baden is aware of this heritage and looks back on its past with pride. The city has also learned from its past and knows that it must make the most of its treasures to lead it into the future with innovation and creativity.


As a result, efforts to develop the city as an industrial location began as early as the 1990s, to create a second economic mainstay for the city alongside the tourism and health sectors. It did so by utilizing its existing potential. Since the 1990s, Baden-Baden rezoned, developed and marketed more than 100 ha of industrial land. The city now has almost 200 ha of industrial sites. By encouraging international financial services providers to open offices here, Baden-Baden has succeeded in establishing itself as a small but prosperous center of finance and banking.


Südwestrundfunk (SWR), the state radio and television company, has helped the city retain its status as one of Germany's most important media hubs. Renowned publishing houses, printing companies and media agencies have developed along with SWR, enhancing the city's standing in this sector.  

And Baden-Baden does much to promote innovation. A first class system of schools and vocational colleges, with four general high schools, four vocational high schools and four technical secondary schools offer the young population the qualifications they need to start their careers. Baden-Baden is also an ideal home for young companies: with 27 start-ups per 10,000 inhabitants, Baden-Baden topped the statistics again this year, far exceeding the German average of 15.

The excellent road, rail and air connections – the station in Baden-Baden Oos where French and German high-speed trains stop, the connection to highway A5 and international air links via Baden Airpark Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden – the infrastructure is also set for the future.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of Baden-Baden is not only reflected in its cultural and economic life, but also in the city's shops. As a small but worldly city, Baden-Baden has some surprises on offer here, too. Just walk through the lively pedestrian zone or stroll through the old town to see the unbelievable range of quality in such a small space for yourself, with countless boutiques, specialist stores and malls presenting their wares both lavishly and opulently. 


City Baden-Baden
Federal State Baden-Wuerttemberg
Coordinates 48° 45′ N , 8° 18′ O
Population 53.595 (as of: June 2013)