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District of Rastatt

The district of Rastatt has many outstanding characteristics, including a dynamic local economy, an internationally oriented infrastructure, and plenty of ways to have fun and relax

Discover Rastatt

Thanks to its location near the western border of Baden-Württemberg, the district of Rastatt – which encompasses 739 square kilometers, along with 23 cities and smaller communities – has long maintained a close relationship with the neighboring Alsace region. At present, Rastatt is also home to some 225,000 people.

In the center of Europe

Featuring a prime location at the heart of the continent, Rastatt can also claim to be one of the most beautiful districts in all of Germany. Surveys and statistics show that the area nestled among the Rhine, the Black Forest, and countless vineyards also scores high when it comes to quality of life, business potential, and prosperity. And whether it's by car, train, plane, or even ship – finding your way to Rastatt is easy. The district lies as the intersection of two prominent European rail lines, for example, and near the A5 autobahn. This key transport highway is supplemented by a dense network of classified roads that add further capacity to the area's north-south corridor while also serving as the most important east-west connections between southern Germany and France. Meanwhile, Baden Airpark – which features Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (FKB) in Rheinmünster-Söllingen – has recently served over a million passengers each year, making it the second-largest airport in Baden-Württemberg. Thanks to this facility, you can get to London, Berlin, or Hamburg for a business appointment (or just a little shopping) in less than 90 minutes.  Finally, the Rhine, the shipping terminals at Iffezheimand Rheinmünster-Greffern, and the harbor of Karlsruhe (just 25 kilometers away) connect Rastatt with Europe's most prominent seaport – Rotterdam.

The Rastatt district is part of Wirtschaftsregion Mittelbaden, an economic network that comprises all of the district's communities, the urban district of Baden-Baden, and local businesses. Its outstanding location on the Upper Rhine and extensive transport infrastructure make the area one of the leading industrial and commercial regions in the state of Baden-Württemberg. International corporations like Daimler, LuK, Bosch, UHU, and Maquet; small and midsize companies from a broad range of industries; strong service providers; an expanding retail sector; and a wide array of skilled crafts and trades – as part of Rastatt's business landscape, all of these organizations benefit from a unique climate of education and research that affords excellent perspectives to local citizens, as well.

District Rastatt
State Baden-Württemberg
Area 739 km²
Population 225.000


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