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With its narrow medieval streets and vibrant pedestrian area, Ettlingen's historic center invites passers-by to take a relaxing stroll through the 2,000 years of history that have shaped the city, including 800 years of municipal law and the 40 years since the local municipal reorganization.

Situated on the river Alb

Ettlingen is situated at the river Alb, at the foot of the northern Black Forest. It is the second-largest city in the district of Karlsruhe and has six boroughs, three of which are situated on the foothills of the Black Forest. The others are located within typical orchard meadows in the Rhine river plains.

In the streets and lanes of the old town you often come across traces of history: ruins of the city wall, the old „Narrenbrunnen“, medieval half-timbered houses, and the beautiful ornamented facade of St. Martin’s Church. The impressive City Hall and the baroque splendor of the Margrave's Castle bear witness to the reconstruction after the Palatinate War of Succession in 1689. Ettlingen’s alleys and places along the river Alb have a beautiful charm with welcoming cafes and restaurants.

Not only has the city centre undergone an exemplary renewal and received several awards. It also offers a diverse cultural programme, including the theatre festival „Schlossfestspiele“, which is the cultural flagship of the town. For more than 30 years, visitors have been flocking to the castle courtyard, where musicals, dramas and children’s plays are staged from June to August. The International Competition for Young Pianists attracts the world’s most talented young pianists every other year, and has gained worldwide recognition. The museum and the gallery within the castle show some first-class exhibitions, and the „Kultur-live“-Programme offers cultural entertainment for the whole family. The „SWR Schlosskonzerte“-series given in the „Asamsaal“ are a must-see for all fans of classical music.

Ettlingen is an ideal starting point for tours into the region, whether by foot, by car or by public transport - the countryside can be reached easily.

Thanks to its favorable position and its exceptional infrastructure, including easy access to both highways A5 and A8, Ettlingen is also a popular business location. Ettlingen used to be famous for its paper mills, spinning companies and weaving mills. Nowadays, Ettlingen can provide a good mix of trades and industry, including both services and production; family businesses can be found just as IT professionals.

Ettlingen Karte
City Ettlingen
Federal state Baden-Wuerttemberg
Coordinates 48° 56′ N, 8° 24′ O
Population 38.819 (as of: End 2013)