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Gaggenau has enjoyed a reputation as an automotive city for over 100 years. The first marketable gasoline-driven motor vehicle, the “Orient Express”, was produced here in 1895. In 1923, the first diesel motor vehicles set off to conquer the world from Gaggenau.

A blossoming city on the River Murg

Long-time residents of Gaggenau appreciate the combination of an automotive city with great living conditions. New arrivals to Gaggenau are astonished at the natural diversity and idyllic location of the city, with its seven quarters Bad Rotenfels, Freiolsheim, Hörden, Michelbach, Oberweier, Selbach and Sulzbach. It is the city's multi-faceted character that makes living by the Murg in Gaggenau so attractive.

Embedded between Mahlberg and Merkur, Gaggenau is roughly eight kilometers north-east of Baden-Baden: surrounded by valleys of hayfields, expansive forests with 500 kilometers of paths and blossoming fruit trees in spring – truly a paradise for hikers and walkers. Open-air swimming pools, an indoor pool and the Rotherma spa, with its impressive sauna facilities, and the idyllic forest lake pool offer watery fun for all the family year-round. With over 4,500 m² of water, the forest lake pool is the largest natural pool in Southern Germany.

Other highlights include the Kurpark and Rotenfels, a former palace of the margrave which is now home to the State Academy for School Arts, School and Amateur Theater. In Hörden, the epitome of a rafting region, a Raftsmen Museum has been created with great attention to detail. Michelbach boasts a greater concentration of idyllic half-timbered houses than anywhere else. Several thousand pilgrims make the journey to the pilgrimage church of Moosbrunn every year.

As a business location, Gaggenau is home to globally successful companies, while remaining both traditional and progressive. An industrial location with a long tradition, Gaggenau is still characterized by the manufacturing industry today: roughly 70% of employees who pay social security here work in this sector. Largely thanks to the Mercedes-Benz factory founded in 1894 – the oldest automobile factory in the world – the automotive sector remains extremely important. However, companies from other sectors which enjoy global success have also grown in Gaggenau.

Gaggenau Map
City Gaggenau
Federal state Baden-Wuerttemberg
Coordinates 48° 48′ N , 8° 19′ E
Population 28.546 (as of: End of 2013)