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In the baroque city of Rastatt, in the heart of Baden, tradition and history meet modernity and the future. Two magnificent baroque palaces and monuments to the revolution create a historic atmosphere in a modern and dynamic city.

The baroque city of Rastatt combines modernity with tradition

The major district city of Rastatt is roughly 22 kilometers from Karlsruhe and 12 kilometers north of Baden-Baden. The baroque city combines modernity with tradition. Rastatt offers exceptional locational advantages for successful business and a high quality of living: two magnificent baroque palaces, unique natural landscapes, the Black Forest and the Alsace right next-door, not to mention its culture and cuisine.

As a business location, Rastatt is situated in the heart of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, one of the most innovative and fastest growing economic regions in Europe.

The population and number of employees in the major district city of Rastatt have grown continually. And that is no coincidence, as the conditions for doing business successfully here are ideal. Besides an exceptional climate of innovation, Rastatt impresses as a business area with its favorable geographic location and exemplary infrastructure – whether by car, bus, rail or even air – it couldn't be easier to reach Rastatt. Rastatt is home to a healthy mix of global players, hidden champions and medium-sized companies. Its attraction as an economic center is demonstrated by indicators like the low unemployment figures, the large numbers of commuters from the surrounding area and the above-average purchasing power. Companies like Daimler AG, which runs one of the most state-of-the-art automotive plants in the world here, MAQUET Holding B.V. & Co. KG, one of the world's leading medical technology companies or Siemens AG have appreciated these location advantages for many years.

But Rastatt is more than just a business location: The quality of life in the baroque city of Rastatt is great. For over 300 years, the baroque residential palace of Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm of Baden has been the splendid focal point of the city of Rastatt and one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Germany. The heritage from this period as a royal residence still dominates the cityscape: historic fountains, monuments, churches and chapels make Rastatt a baroque jewel. The summer residence Favorite in the tranquil district of Förch welcomes visitors for an unforgettable experience with its English gardens and the treasures in its museum. 

Rastatt is also a city of revolution and a fortress city. The marks left by the freedom movements in 1848/49 can still be seen on many prominent buildings and sites. The fight for freedom and democracy here began during the revolution. The Memorial to Freedom Movements in German History presents these values in an interesting exhibition. The Museum of Military History in the palace and the casemates, or underground fortifications, also offer a unique journey back in time. 


The arts and culture play a special role in Rastatt: The tête-à-tête international street theater festival, the largest of its kind in Germany, is a highlight in Rastatt's cultural calendar. Every two years, the festival transforms the city's streets and squares into open stages, and delights hundreds of thousands of visitors with its unique atmosphere, again and again. To shorten the wait until the next tête-à-tête, the Rendezvous tête-à-tête is held every two years in fall. 

In addition to this, Rastatt offers inimitable natural landscapes: While the River Murg flows placidly through the city, offering a pleasant walking route, the Rastatt Rheinaue wetlands are a real jungle right outside the city limits, in the heart of Baden. The city is just stone's throw from the Black Forest, and France is just a ferry ride away.

City Rastatt
Federal state Baden-Wuerttemberg
Coordinates 48° 51′ N , 8° 12′ E
Population 47.110 (as of: End of 2013)