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Nestled within the natural landscape on the River Rhine, Rheinstetten is located in the "heart of Europe", in the immediate vicinity of the Palatinate and the French Alsace. Rheinstetten disposes of an excellent infrastructure and offers high recreational value.

Major district city of Rheinstetten – Three sub-districts, one city

With a population of almost 21,000 spread across the Forchheim, Mörsch, and Neuburgweier quarters, Rheinstetten became the 89th major district city in Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2005. Nature, culture and joie de vivre make the city an attractive place to live, and its optimal transport connections are appreciated by both companies and qualified local employees. Rheinstetten also offers a well-developed infrastructure for all population and age groups.


Rheinstetten’s location makes it an interesting destination for more than just visitors, as well. One of Deutsche Bahn's rapid rail lines runs through the Forchheim-Silberstreifen quarter, where it connects with the suburban rail network (S4). The A5 highway is also just seven kilometers away. Federal highway B36 connects Rheinstetten with Karlsruhe and Rastatt, and the local suburban rail line S2 guarantees another fast connection to Karlsruhe. Meanwhile, there is an extensive network of cycle lanes in and around Rheinstetten that invites you to explore the region and find out why it has such a close connection to nature. The Baden-Pfalz car ferry on the Rhine also connects Rheinstetten with Neuburg in the Palatinate, providing another important link in the PAMINA region.


Epplesee in der Nähe des Hardtwalds

Forest and nature areas make up two-thirds of the territory of Rheinstetten. A precious natural landscape has flourished here, especially on the meadows along the Rhine, and it is protected in exemplary fashion. The conservation areas around Lake Ferma and in the Rhine Depression contain numerous wet habitats and extensive meadow areas – ideal conditions for the white stork to breed. Lake Epple, near the Hardtwald Forest, is a popular leisure and recreational destination known beyond the region's borders that offers a wide range of water sports activities.


Numerous municipal initiatives and projects for the environment and sustainable development have won the city multiple environmental prizes at the state and national level. Since 2007, Rheinstetten has laid claim to the designation of “Conservation Municipality” as one of the leading communities when it comes to protecting species and habitats.


Rheinstetten's school and childcare systems are also exemplary, with many services that go above and beyond those required by law. In addition, the St. Martin Senior Citizens' Center in the Forchheim quarter and the Rösselsbrünnle Center in the Mörsch quarter are modern facilities that provide assisted living, nursing care, community and welfare centers, and active retirement groups.


Meanwhile, over 120 local clubs and volunteer organizations offer a variety of attractive leisure, sport, and cultural services. You can learn about the traditions of the three founding municipalities, for example, at the "Museum zur Siedlungsgeschichte" in the PAMINA region in the Neuburgweier quarter. The developing city center between Forchheim and Mörsch will bring the quarters even closer together.



Luftaufnahme der Messe Karlsruhe
Luftaufnahme der Messe Karlsruhe

As an international marketplace and trade center, Karlsruhe Trade Fair attracts many visitors and guests to Rheinstetten every year with its wide range of events – from the ART Karlsruhe art fair to forward-looking technology fairs. The city also offers ideal conditions and great development prospects for companies along the Central Upper Rhine, a strong economic region with a number of industrial zones. All in all, there are plenty of good reasons why our region boasts such a satisfied population – which also benefits the companies located in Rheinstetten.

Gaggenau Karte
City Rheinstetten
Federal State Baden-Wuerttemberg
Coordinates 48° 58′ N, 8° 19′ O
Population 20.074 (as of: End 2013)

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