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“Endearing city in the countryside and an important business location in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion” - these words succinctly sum up what has long made this family-friendly city unique. Thanks to its growth and prosperity, Stutensee is now the fourth-largest city in the District of Karlsruhe. 

Stutensee – Endearing city in the countryside

For years, the Hardtwald and Auwald forests have enhanced Stutensee's character as a desirable place to live in natural surroundings: “Nature pure” with meadows, fields and forests just outside the city limits. Official natural and landscape preserves, combined with regenerated streams and networked habitats, create an outstanding ecological climate.

Since the amalgamation of the former four autonomous towns of Blankenloch and Büchig, Friedrichstal, Spöck and Staffort in 1975, a lively community has grown between Karlsruhe and Bruchsal with a population of roughly 24,000. The region is named for Stutensee Palace, its geographical center point. It was built as a hunting palace near thousand-year old oaks in 1749 by Margrave Karl Friedrich of Baden. The palace is now home to offices of the District of Karlsruhe, and is often used as a backdrop for many cultural events. Other sights include the Huguenot and Local Museum in Friedrichstal and the Kern's-Max House with an adjacent Local Museum in Blankenloch, a Stutensee landmark. 

Stutensee is strategically located close to Karlsruhe. As part of the PAMINA economic region and an active member of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, Stutensee is growing in importance as an important and prosperous economic location. In just a few years, the location has successfully positioned itself for further growth as a high-tech location. Many globally successful, innovative and service-oriented companies chose the region for their company headquarters, in particular from industries of the future such as information technology, health and medical technology, and the energy and pipeline sector. 

Another key aspect of the city of Stutensee is a wide range of educational opportunities and childcare services. Over an extended period, the major district city has been expanding its childcare services continuously, with services for everyone, from infants to teenagers. In addition to this, the family-friendly community offers an impressive variety of cultural and sport activities for children, young people and adults.

City Stutensee
Federal state Baden-Württemberg
Coordinates 49° 5′ N , 8° 29′ E
Population 23.942 (as of: Dec. 2014)

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