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Studies and Vocational Training - Recognition - Job: Career steps in the TRK.

University Studies, Training, Recognition and Working Life

Would you like to study at an internationally renowned university? Higher education institutions in the TRK regularly take leading positions in national and international rankings. 
The reputable Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences have both been ranked first among the top universities by the business weekly WirtschaftsWoche in 2014 - KIT in the field of computer sciences, mechanical and industrial engineering, the University of Applied Sciences in business informatics.

As a leading economic and innovation region in Germany and Europe, the TRK also offers a wide range of attractive training opportunities - including for young people from abroad, be it from France or Europe more widely.

If you are you coming to the TRK to start a (new) career the recognition of the qualifications and degrees you acquired in your home country is a crucial pre-condition for your successful career start. We provide you with the basic information about the recognition process as well as further links and addresses of relevant contacts. In addition, we give you advice and information on the job search and the start of your working life in the TRK.