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Germany's state institutions also post open positions on their websites. The following represents an overview of the most important addresses.

Federal Employment Agency

Federal Employment Agency in Karlsruhe

This official portal for those looking for work is one of the most prominent in Germany. Helping citizens in Germany and elsewhere find employment is one of the agency's main functions. You can search for open positions that meet certain criteria at the Federal Employment Agency's Website (AA). While the search engine is available in English, French, and German, most jobs are posted only in German.


Many of the postings from the Federal Employment Agency portal can also be found on the job exchange of the site "Make It in Germany". There, you can search for openings in professions where Germany has need of skilled employees.  

Contact Federal Employment Agencies in the TRK

Federal Employment Agency Karlsruhe-Rastatt


Brauerstr. 10

Federal Employment Agency Baden-Baden


Gewerbepark Cité 1

Federal Employment Agency Bretten


Weißhoferstr. 70

Federal Employment Agency Bruchsal


Kaiserstr. 97



Federal Employment Agency Bühl


Hauptstr. 106

Federal Employment Agency Ettlingen


Schloßgartenstr. 24

Federal Employment Agency Gaggenau


Luisenstr. 41

Federal Employment Agency Rastatt


Karlstr. 18

Federal Employment Agency Waghäusel


Philippsburgerstr. 1

International Placement Services (ZAV)

ZAV is an excellent point of contact for those who are interested in finding work in Germany, but do not yet live in the country. As part of the Federal Employment Agency, one of its core purposes is serving as an intermediary and source of advice at the international level. 



The Federal Employment Agency is also a member of the network of European employment agencies known as EURES.

This network is committed to providing advisory and placement services that promote the mobility of jobseekers in Europe. EURES also offers both interesting job perspectives and support programs.

Anyone interested can obtain further information from each country's EURES advisors. At the EURES website, you'll find job offers from 31 European countries (including Germany), as well as country-specific information on living and working conditions and contact information for EURES consultants. The portal is available in 25 languages. 

In addition, European Job Days are held in many European countries in the spring and fall of each year as part of EURES. The job openings presented at these events also include offers in Germany.

You can find out when European Job Days are scheduled to take place at the EURES website or the EURES Facebook page or by consulting the EURES advisor directly in your country of interest.

Further information

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