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One way to find work in Germany is to come here and look, of course! To do so, you can obtain a six-month visa from one of Germany's diplomatic representations abroad. These entities can also provide you with detailed information on what you need to apply. 

For example, you will need to submit proof of a university degree and your ability to support yourself on your own during your stay in Germany. As soon as you find a suitable job, you can proceed with applying for the necessary residence permit and start making yourself at home in your new country.  

Did you finish your studies at a university in Germany as an international student? If so, you have the option of remaining in the country for one year after graduating in order to find work. 

At a glance

Citizens from outside the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) who have a university degree and a visa that enables them to look for work meet the corresponding requirements for coming to Germany.
These visas are limited to a period of six months.
You must provide proof of your ability to support yourself on your own.
International graduates of German universities can stay in Germany for one year after finishing their studies in order to find suitable employment.

Please note: 

A visa for finding work does not permit you to work! (§ 18c, sec. 1, p. 2 of AufenthG)

As soon as you have found a suitable job, you can apply for the EU Blue Card or another residence permit that enables you to work and remain in Germany (without needing to leave in the interim).

Here you find more information about getting a work permit in Germany and about the EU Blue Card: