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Many people who live in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion actually work in France -- and vice versa!  A good number of them have been designated "cross-border commuters", which is a status the EU has introduced with numerous special regulations that make it easier to move between countries in order to work.


The European Commission has defined cross-border commuters simply as those who work in one EU member-state but reside in another. Such arrangements raise a number of legal issues that must be taken into account with regard to taxes, residential status, and social insurance.


To find out how these aspects apply to your particular case, you can talk with experts in several locations. For the Upper Rhine region, there are a total of four public information and advisory centers (three of them binational) under the name INFOBEST. These centers can help you answer your cross-border questions quickly and free of charge. INFOBEST is there to serve all those involved in related arrangements, including citizens, administrative entities, companies, and associations.


The headquarters of INFOBEST PAMINA, your contact partner in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, is located on the border to France in Neulauterburg (Berg).


Meanwhile, EURODISTRICT PAMINA stands ready to assist you in dealing with the political aspects of the cross-border job market.


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