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If you already have a specific job offer in Germany, you are eligible for an “EU Blue Card” – a combined residence and work permit, provided the gross annual salary you are offered is 47,600 Euros or higher. Even if you do not qualify via the salary threshold, you can still work in Germany as a physician or in the STEM professions (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) if you earn a salary comparable to German employees – but not less than 37,128 Euros a year.

For further information, see requirements/visa.

Skilled professionals

Have you completed a non-academic vocational training program outside Germany? Then you can start working in Germany with your foreign qualification, provided you fulfil the following requirements: 

  • There is a shortfall of specialist personnel in the profession you intend to practice in Germany. To see which professions these are, check the positive list.
  • You have a specific job offer. 
  • Your vocational qualification must be recognized as equivalent to a German qualification. You must apply for recognition in your country of origin. 

Healthcare professionals

Die Kinderstation des Städtischen Klinikums Karlsruhe

Are you a healthcare professional and want to apply your expertise in Germany? Do you want to work in the German healthcare sector, and (re)start your career in Baden-Wuerttemberg? Then do not hesitate to contact the staff at the Welcome Center for the Social Sector. Demand for specialized personnel in social institutions is rising in Germany. The Welcome Center for the Social Sector views itself as a regional and umbrella body specifically for the social sector, which supplements the services of the other Welcome Centers in Baden-Wuerttemberg, including the Welcome Center for Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion. 


The Welcome Center for the Social Sector guides institutions and specialist personnel through the overall process, integrating the existing advisory services and service providers. Institutions and foreign specialist personnel receive individual and specific advice and support. As a foreign specialist, it gives you guidance and support by networking advice services and qualification measures.


The main task of the Welcome Center for the Social Sector is to support social sector institutions throughout the entire recruiting process, and foreign specialist personnel through the entire process from determining the respective status quo until they are hired and integrate successfully.


Professions in the social sector include classic jobs in the care sector such as nurses, nursing assistants and geriatric nurses. This also includes other paramedical professions and physicians. The staff at the Welcome Center for the Social Sector also advises and supports professionals in the education and teaching sector.


Social sector institutions include smaller and medium-sized hospitals, care institutions and social wards, kindergartens and childcare centers.